Thom Bluemel

I’m writing to share a very special experience my wife and I had moving to Cedar City in December 2018. Let me start with a little personal background to give you some context and my particular reason for writing this letter.

I retired from a 36-year real estate career in Southern California in which I won many, many awards, including national awards, for the numbers of properties I sold. In the later years of my career, I specialized in serving banks and other financial institutions as well as representing probate and bankruptcy trustees in many complex transactions. I was in management for a number years and as a graduate of Appraisal Institute, I completed fee appraisals for several years as well. I sold hundreds, if not thousands, of properties in my 36 years in real estate so I feel well qualified to evaluate other real agents and their service, which is the point of this letter.

When my wife and I decided to move to Cedar City, we contacted many agents to find one who would best serve our needs, work with us, listen to us and with whom we felt a bond of trust. We were disappointed until we found Marcus Hansen of Coldwell Banker Advantage in Cedar City.

We immediately hit it off with Marcus. He treated us like he had no other clients, but being in the business, I knew that was impossible. He took the time to educate us about every neighborhood in Cedar City as well as the availability of services, places to see and lifestyle changes we could anticipate. He never pressured us in any way. In addition, he set us up to independently research homes for sale, obviously more concerned about our satisfaction than our loyalty and his commission!

Moving from such a unfamiliar area and not knowing anyone in a new place is a very scary proposition, but Marcus made us feel at home, providing loads of information to assuage our doubts and concerns. We were very reassured to know we were with an agent who really knew the area and what we would face - and who sincerely cared how all of it would affect us.

My wife especially had doubts and was very nervous about such a big move and the little time we had to find, decide on and purchase a property; so we made a “want” and “need” list, which we conveyed to Marcus over the phone. Marcus took this list to heart (about 20 items) and I believe he memorized it because every time he showed us a house, he would make comments like, “it doesn’t have ___, but it does have the ___ you wanted and it even has ___.” My wife and I were amazed how well he listened - AND REMEMBERED! From my experience, most agents act like they are listening, but they don’t really hear - MARCUS WAS THE EXCEPTION!!

After Marcus found the home we finally decided on, his level of competence and professionalism in preparing our offer and advising us about potential pitfalls and problems was first class. He covered our interests in every way. Having served attorneys for the last 12 to 15 years of my career, I know the complexities of such a contract. Once again, we were glad we had found Marcus!

After he negotiated the sale, Marcus followed up on every issue for us, calling, emailing and texting us on an almost daily basis to keep us informed about every aspect of the sale, especially contractual deadlines. We closed the escrow on time and moved in, but Marcus was not done taking care of us.

The first night we moved in, it snowed - December 1st - and Marcus showed up with his giant smile and a snow shovel! Of course, we were not used to snow being from Southern California. Still, his service didn’t end there…

We can never fully express our gratitude for the kind and competent care Marcus Hansen provided us. We consider him a friend, as we did from the time we met him. I have NEVER met another agent who showed, in both word and deed, such care and concern for his clients.

Ryan W.

I first met Marcus while seeing a house with another realtor who I randomly chose as I did not live in the area. After a few months of having not found what I was looking for, I gave Marcus a call. That was my best decision for buying a house around Cedar City! He quickly rounded up a list of houses that fitted my wants and we saw them the next day. While viewing he was candid about problems or potential problems he saw in the house as well as with general information about the area. He was willing to adjust his schedule to show houses new to the market so I had the best chance of getting an offer in ASAP if I like the place. He has been in Cedar City for around 25 years, and it shows by the number of people he knows around town and by the good working relationships he has with other realtor to get the back story on new homes to the market.
This was my first home purchase, so I was more than a little lost about all the steps that needed to occur. So, when I finally found a home I liked, I was relieved by how he explained the contract, helped negotiate on price and laid out all the future steps. He had recommendations for all aspects of home buying, from inspectors to mortgage agents, all whom he had worked with in the past and who he trusted to do a good job. I followed those recommended to me and could not be happier. Everything went so smoothly I closed on the house in 3 weeks!
Marcus Hansen is a genuinely nice and caring guy who is secretly a cowboy whenever he's not in the office. Give him a call today, you won't regret it!

Tracy S.

Marcus is a gem! I recently moved to the area and used him as my real estate agent. He was diligent and kept me in the loop on any new listings that fit my criteria. When I finally found my new place Marcus patiently and professionally took me through the process. Ive had other agents in the past but Marcus takes the cake. He went above and beyond the call of duty and I'm very grateful for all he did to ensure that my transaction went smoothly. Highly, highly recommended!!

Angela J.

He was quick to help and had great advice! He understood what we were looking for and quickly found many options. Marcus was friendly, knowledgable about problem areas, and he knows all the hot new areas in town.